People I’ve worked with and those I have mentored have been very nice about me. Here’s some recommendations from my LinkedIn profile:

"Leanne is an absolute wealth of information about digital marketing and the online environment that we all live and work in. The Highlanders have benefitted from Leanne's knowledge and I'm looking forward to continuing our partnership this year as she rolls out a re-vamped Sports Marketing 207 paper at the University of Otago."

Amanda Gould – Marketing Manager, The Highlanders Super Rugby Team

"Leanne is a dedicated and passionate marketing professional and a knowledgeable and inspiring educator. It has been a pleasure working alongside Leanne and her ideas, input and strategic directions are invaluable to our group."

Kylie Jackson, TechWeek NZ Dunedin Committee

"She has the unique skill of getting under the skin of your business or organisation, drilling down to what matters and articulating the value of what you offer to the world better than you ever could. Her intelligence and inate ability to provide real value in an industry where relevance can be in short supply is refreshing. She is accommodating, funny, genuine and keen to share her immense knowledge. An inspiration!"

Wayne Denner – Speaker, Author and Online Reputation Expert

"We put a wee story on Facebook appealing for some knitting  -  it got 2,800 shares and over a quarter of a million reach.  24 hours later I’m still sending out knitting patterns! Do you see what your training did for us?!"

Valerie Cromie, Head of Fundraising & Communications at TinyLife

"Leanne is one of the leading freelance practitioners for any organisation in Ireland that is looking for advice on its social media, needs social media training for staff or requires a social media strategy. She's a great professional who's also a good laugh and would be a fine addition to any business, big or small."

John Megaughin, Associate Director at Clearbox Communications

"We have been working with Leanne for the past year and I cannot stress her ability enough. Leanne in just a few months of blogging for Digital DNA, drove an unbelievable amount of traffic to our website and opened our channels up to a whole new audience. With a profound written ability and creative flair, Leanne put Digital DNA in front of a targeted audience, who as a result attended our events. She dominates Northern Ireland’s digital sphere and will add value to any marketing campaign."

Gareth Quinn, Founder and MD at Digital DNA

"She offers a wealth of digital knowledge, skills and experience, coupled with excellent communication skills that enable her to structure a campaign or training programme to suit your specific needs. She is very hard working, insightful and any client with Leanne on their team will never have to worry... she's a pleasure to work with!"

Sasha McKnight, Deputy Head of PR at ASG Ireland

"Whether you are a small organisation that needs support in understanding social media or a large company with an established digital presence, she tunes into your needs and helps you to develop bespoke strategies that will make your audiences stand up and take notice of your message. She can break down any complicated concepts into jargon-free language that will enable you to fully own your strategy."

Fran Bartlet (PhD), Marketing Executive Middle East/Africa at CDE Global

"Leanne's enthusiasm for her chosen career is infectious. She motivates and inspires those around her without even realising she's doing it. It has been a joy to serve on the CIPR NI committee with her and see her receive recognition for being the amazing young communicator that she is."

Nicola Bothwell, Chartered Marketer & Accredited PR at NB Chartered Marketing

"What Leanne doesn’t know, she quickly learns and if she sets a goal, she makes sure to achieve it. Leanne is clearly ambitious, very passionate about digital communications and an excellent communicator as illustrated by her blog and the CIPR networking events she organised during our time on the Committee together. Most importantly, Leanne isn’t afraid of a challenge and works with and for her team or colleagues to make sure everyone is on the same road to success as she is."

Sharon Whittaker, Communications Officer at Include Youth

"Leanne stands apart in Northern Ireland as being an extremely able PR practitioner who genuinely understands modern media. Her blog is honest, reliable and always challenging, getting to the very heart of major issues within the PR industry and providing a sharp and intelligent analysis of major media issues. I've had the pleasure of working with Leanne and know that she is someone who delivers excellent, well-written content that stands out online and is never boring. I'd very much recommend Leanne to any business that is serious about delivering quality content."

Paul McGarrity, Marketing Consultant and owner, Octave Digital